In YUXTA we understand that solar panels are not an end in itself, but a tool to achieve a positive economical, ecological and social impact

We have a high quality team of certified professionals with experience in the area. A long list of clients already implementing successful energy efficiency and self-generation projects backs our work.

Our consultation includes an analysis of the situation and offering you all possible solutions to obtain the best financial performance. We provide different plans that adjust to our clients’ needs.

Residential solar generation solutions

Yuxta offers solar generation solutions with products that provide:

  • Panels with a high reliability and durability
  • High performance throughout their useful life
  • Quality fabrication warranty norms
  • Solar energy provides a series of advantages:
  • Lack of mobile parts provides a high reliability. This technology is specially appropriate for long-term assurance.
  • The modular solar panels allow an easy installation that adapts with ease to different energetic needs.
  • The working cost of a home solar panel is very low due to scarce maintenance and because it does not requiere fuel or transportation.
  • The photovoltaic solar technology has ecological qualities because the end product doesn’t contaminate, is silent and does not disrupt the environment in any way.

In Yuxta we not only offer a quality product, we also worry about your energy efficiency. Consumption meters are included in our generation solutions so we can find additional efficiencies.