YUXTA has a friendly approach to company budgets that allows to develop renewable energy projects that achieve real and sustainable profit while guaranteeing harmony with the environment.

YUXTA provides renewable energy solutions that allow our clients to capitalize on the most advanced technology available. Innovative financing plans for solar energy generation provide YUXTA clients with a reliable source of energy that offers protection from the volatility of energy markets.

Jinko Solar Panels

We help small and medium companies move their projects forward with high quality panels at a low price. We have Jinko panels for sale in Central America starting at 10 units.

Technical information
  • High efficiency (up to 15.98%) thanks to a superior manufacturing technology and optimized design.
  • Perfect auto-cleaning capacity in the modules, reducing energy loss due to dust and dirt.
  • Excellent performance in environments with low light radiation
  • The module as a whole has a certified high resistance to wind (2400Pa) and snow (5400Pa)

Sunpower Proyects

Solar solution designed with the world’s highest efficiency panels (up to 21.5%) to maximize investment return, along with a combined 25 year power and product warranty. Let’s make this year count.