About us

We aim to be the best company for the world, making energetic improvement easier for our clients.

We rise at the juxtaposition of SOCIAL – ECOLOGICAL – ECONOMICAL impact we generate in the markets where we operate in partnership with our clients.

We know that to make it happen we need to have the juxtaposition of renewable energies – energy efficiency – traditional energies.

YUXTA is looking for clients committed to having an energy management that will generate a SOCIAL – ECOLOGICAL – ECONOMICAL impact on the following countries:

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panamá
  • República Dominacana
  • Colombia


Yuxta is the company for the world, which generates a triple impact on social, environmental and economic areas through the savings produced by optimizing energy systems and provide energy generation solutions in the central region of Latin America.


Yuxta will be a continuous vector for growth and progress, it will produce advanced technological solutions and innovative business schemes, thus allowing the constant expansion of social – environmental – economic impacts throughout the central region of Latin America.



The ability of the company to perform its intended function without incident, within the specified period and under the conditions indicated.


To behave and speak with consistency and honesty, to be fair and truthful. Characterized by righteousness and integrity of mind which comes across as actions.


The constant creation of new proposals and their economic implementation. The economy and society change when the factors of production are combined in a new way. Innovations are the key to economic growth.


In logic, it is the property arguments have when they are valid and all their premises are true. In finance, strength and security that allows continuous operation

Our certifications

Bandera Azul

The Bandera Azul Ecológica (Ecologic Blue Flag) is a distinctive awarded every year for effort and voluntary work in search of conservation and development while protecting natural resources., implementing actions against climate change and searching for better public health conditions for Costa Rica’s inhabitants.

Yuxta was awarded the Bandera Azul in 2015 with 4 stars in the climate change category.

Certificación Empresa B (B Corp)

This certification reviews all aspects of the company in detail. Its goal is to identify all opportunities available for improvement and to become a change agent, protecting the mission and boosting the positive impact. B Lab, a non-profit entity based in the United States, awards it.

Pyme Verde 2016

Propiciado por el Ministerio de Economía Industria y Comercio (MEIC), el cual se otorgará a las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas que operan en el territorio nacional y busca dar reconocimiento a las empresas de los sectores comercio, servicio e industria que se destaquen, así mismo, que el esfuerzo realizado, sirva a otras empresas como ejemplo a seguir.

El galardón obtenido por Yuxta fue Pyme Verde 2016, el acto de premiación se dio en el marco de la Expopyme 2016.